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Online Gift Cards - what are the options?

There are many choices starting with one private lesson. Easy to buy. Convenient for email or printing. Lessons for wedding first dance or to learn any dances of your choice for FUN! Go to Online Store.

Do you have practice songs for dancing?

Yes! Check out these beautiful songs for a variety of dances.

Ballroom and Latin Music

Wedding First Dance - how long should it be?

A comfortable length, depending on your song and your routine. Do not edit the song too short. You may need extra time to get started or dance a few more steps.

How many lessons do we need for the wedding first dance?

Dance Factory offers the Express package of 3 lessons and Survival package of 5 lessons. In the Survival package, you have the time for a more elaborate routine or work on your general dancing.

Take double lessons - learn better and save travel time!

First dance lessons help your general dancing. They are also fun memories of wedding preparation.

How to choose the wedding first dance song?

It might be hard to make a decision. Dance Factory shares some easy ways to choose your song. Read on.

Send us your song, email dance@dancefactory.com or message us below.     

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