Five Easy Ways to Choose Your Wedding First Dance Song

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Our wedding dance specialists share 5 easy ways to select your wedding first dance song. Love to hear from you. Email us or message us using the form in the home page.

1. Listen to Playlists

We recommend listening to wedding song playlists. Note your favorites. Keep listening and narrow down the list to 2 or 3 songs.

2. Find Special Sources of Inspiration

Find songs with special inspiration. Examples: your first date, the venue of your wedding, your special feeling for each other – loyalty, passion, teamwork, having fun together.    

3. Ask Your DJ or Band

Use the knowledge of your DJ or band. As they manage the music and mood of your wedding day, they often have good suggestions for your first dance song.

4. Use Your Favorite Movie Soundtrack

Try to broaden your choice of movie soundtracks by going back some years. Also widen your choice by including different genres of movies.

5. Update Classic Songs with Remix

Use a recent remix of a classic song. This helps to widen the appeal of your song to both older and younger guests.

If you have narrowed down your choices to two or three, how to pick the best first dance song now?

1. Dance to Your Choices

Try dancing or swaying to the songs. Experiment with a spin or two. This helps you feel whether the tempo is right for you.

2. Feature More Than One Song

Can't decide? Use more than one song. If you have two songs, it is interesting to blend them together. We recommend starting with the slower song first, then blend into the faster song. You can also use the faster song as the invitation for guests to join you on the dance floor.

3. Just Pick Your Favorite Song

Be bold and pick your favorite song. We have couples who have picked unconventional songs. One bride chose a melodious jazz song but could not visualize a dance routine for it. We choreographed a first dance that she loved and danced beautifully to.

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