3 Tips to Improve Salsa Dancing

These 3 tips will help any dancer to improve - especially effective for beginner salsa dancers who have taken a few lessons and would like to progress to the next level.

1. Listen to Music

Make this a commitment on your part. Listen to salsa music for enjoyment, listen to it as you are commuting or doing chores.

Check out these songs that we have picked out for you – lively music yet slow enough for beginners.  Salsa Practice Songs

2. Practice by Yourself

Practice on your own, without a partner. This helps you to focus on your steps and understand them better. For a follower, be willing to practice the turns and spins on your own.

3. Memorize Dance Patterns  

Practice and memorize the dance patterns that you have learned. This helps you to lead your partner through the combinations confidently. If you are a follower, this helps you to be familiar with doing multiple turns and spins in a row. Remember to check out our practice songs. Enjoy!

Salsa Practice Songs

Lee Yee